The spine gives our body stability and strength every time we move around. Plus, the spinal vertebrae (bones) also serve as a protection for our spinal cord.

Types of Spine Surgeries

There are several types of spinal surgery that can help those who are experiencing back pain, including the following:

  • Lumbar Decompression Surgery for Spinal Stenosis: Lumbar decompression surgery, also called a lumbar laminectomy, is performed to correct the narrowing of the spinal canal – also called spinal stenosis. The surgeon will remove all or part of the lamina which is pressing against the spine and causing excruciating pain. In spinal stenosis, pressure is being placed on the spinal cord due to the age-related narrowing of the spinal canal. The goal of surgery is to widen the canal and thereby release this pressure.
  • Lumbar Discectomy: A lumbar discectomy is spine surgery involving an injured disc in the patient’s lower back region. There are two types of lumbar discectomy: minimally invasive microdiscectomy and open spine surgery. Open spine surgery is the more common procedure for a herniated disc in the lumbar area.
  • Spinal Fusion Surgery: During a spinal fusion, the surgeon connects two adjacent vertebrae in order to avoid pain caused by their movement against each other. The surgeon uses small screws and rods to connect the vertebrae, and they are then left to naturally heal and fuse together.